29. 4. 2018

20180429 / OMFF-1071 / PP Deravá skala

QTH:          OMFF-1071 - PP Deravá skala
RIG:           Yaesu FT-857 35Watts
ANT:          End Fed Half Wave - om2zz design
WX:           Sunny, Warm, 22C
RESULT:     45 QSOs in 90 mins

Operation from Derevá skala is realy hard. It is in the valey with lot of trees. Fortunately I was able to work +44 contacts for valid activation. In februray I made only 6 contacts from this place :-) 

On the way to Derava skala there was a lots of people from several countries. European Train Orienteering Chanpionships Slovakia was this day in Plavecký Mikuláš.

Deravá skala:

OM2ZZ Equipment:

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