3. 4. 2018

20180403 / OMFF-0963 / ChA Jarovská Bažantnica

QTH:          OMFF-0963 - ChA Jarovská Bažantnica
RIG:           Yaesu FT-857 35Watts
ANT:          End Fed Half Wave - om2zz design
WX:           Sunny, temp  20C
RESULT:   64 QSOs in 41 mins

Audio recording from OMFF-0963 you can find here. You can see - sometime it is hard to pick the station from the pileup. Please be patient. I am on the activation until stations are calling. If I hear you, I will work you for sure.

OM2ZZ Equipment:

Chránený areál Jarovská bažantnica:


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