5. 2. 2018

20180203 / OMFF-1071 / PP Deravá skala

QTH:           OMFF-1071 - PP Deravá skala
RIG:            HB1B - 4W
ANT:           End Fed Half Wave - OK1CDJ design
WX:            Clear sky, temp  0C 
RESULT:      6 QSOs in 40 min  (QTH in the forest, contest on 7MHz, not enough power to make more contacts)

Deravá skala is a 27m long cave, which is located in NPR Kršlenica. It is hidden in the forrest of the valley. I visited it with my familly. Unfortunately, I was able to make only 6 contacts with this small setup. But, I am sure I will be there in next few months.

PP Deravá skala:

NPR Kršlenica:

Equipment and antenna:

Reversebeacon printscreen:

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